New Album Arrived Swiftly!

Currently, I like to think of Taylor Swift as the Stephen King of the music world, in that she brings out her new material in quick (OK, swift) succession

But much like Stephen King’s work, despite coming out so quickly, the quality has not been negatively affected. I have been loving Evermore and whilst my favourite tracks may change over time, I’m currently especially loving the title track Evermore (ft Bon Iver) and No Body, No Swift Crime (and I was feeling guilty about the Swift puns!) This song features one of my favourite girl bands Haim. I never thought about Haim working with Taylor but their voices are a perfect match.

If you are a fan of Folklore then this is a perfect extension and great album in its own right. It’s full of more rich character studies, lyrics that keep you listening, fitting instruments and of course the wonderful voice of Miss Swift.

If you have heard any recent interviews you’ll know that Taylor has had a mammoth writing session recently, so its not surprising she had enough songs lined up for another album. Taylor has really treated us this year, and fans should get a lot of enjoyment out of her latest offering.


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