New Music Pick

Tina Arena-House

Yes, Tina Arena’s new single is out and what a track it is. Over the years she has treated us to so many different styles both lyrically and musically, but what they have had in common is how they showcased that superb voice of hers.

Fans know and have done for a long time, that Tina has a very strong voice, but in the mainstream, especially here in the UK, her voice is massively underrated. And I have had the pleasure of seeing her live, which is a superb experience I can promise.

What I like about House are the rocky undertones that find their way to this track. The lyrics are strong and the mood (helped by the fitting cinematic video) really sets this song up to be something once again different for TIna. And of course, the real star is Tina’s great vocals, which really are as strong as ever.

If you are a fan, you’ll likely love this one, if you aren’t, give this a go it’s a great song. And I’m pleased to hear she is doing a world tour-I’d definitely love to see her live again, including to see her perform House, that’s for sure!






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