Oh My Dosh! It’s Another Cashback site…But is it Any Good?


Cashback sites are ten-a-penny these days. There are so many out there, the better-known ones such as Quidco and TopCashback along with more recent options such as 20 Cogs and today’s feature Oh My Dosh! There are so many around I seem to get emails from ones that I swear I never even signed up to! I am told I have six quid with this one company every few days who I swear I never even registered with (I think I didn’t, they are probably sending it so I do sign up and then will need to reach a certain amount to cash out, cheeky so-and-so’s).

In truth I only stick to a few cashback websites that I have come to trust and don’t have stupidly high cashout thresholds. The two I stick to are TopCashback and Oh My Dosh! Both these websites, based on my experiences and the majority of users it also seems, have a good reputation for paying out its users with minimal fuss.

Oh My Dosh hasn’t been around for as long as TopCashback and many of the other cashback websites but there is a reason why a few months ago I added it to my cashback rooster. In truth, I really like this site, and I can’t think of a single negative as cashback sites go. Trying to push myself, all I can think is that there are perhaps not as many cashback opportunities as the bigger names like TopCashback and Quidco, but they have both been around for ages and Oh My Dosh! could well grow and add more merchants to its offer list in the future. As things stand, they have plenty of offers to keep busy with. And anyway it is not just about quantity but also quality, as long as there are enough merchants who services you would want to use, the platform should be good value to you.

I usually find plenty of free trials to try (just remember to cancel in time if you don’t want to continue after the trial has finished-maybe set a reminder on your phone!) as well as deals signing up for utilities such as gas, water and broadband. You may also find offers for trying free samples or signing up to a streaming service.

But that is not all, and here is where i actually prefer Oh My Dosh! over the other cashback site I use, TopCashBack-they send a survey from time to time, usually worth 50p. And this survey usually only consists of a few questions. It all helps to boost your balance to bring yourself to that cashout threashold.

And speaking of that cashback threashold. It is only ten quid, and in my experience, even as a light user ( I am careful to only sign up for offers that I would go for anyway regardless of them being on a cashback website, otherwise you end up spending extra and not saving) I usually found it doesn’t take long to reach that required amount. TopCashback is even better in that you can cashout with any amount at all, but many websites make you get together at least fifty pounds worth before you can receive your payment so this is still a fair amount for them to request. And, an added bonus for me, is that unlike some, you don’t have to cashout with PayPal, and instead I can have my earnings transferred straight to my trusted bank account, and not run the risk of them being frozen that happens whenever PayPal feel in the mood to do so. That rakes up the extra points for me when it comes to rating Oh My Dosh!

And here is something that this site is one of the best for. How long it takes for the cashback to be added into your account is down to the merchant you have taken the offer up with and not the cashback website itself. However, how quickly the cashback website send out your money once you do cashout is down to them, and this is where Oh My Dosh! really come up trumps! I have cashedout a few times now and I have always recived my money in a day or two. Very impressive.

Oh My Dosh has a well laid out website, with categories for finding a certain type of cashbabck offer easy to find, grouped together in a way that makes sense. Plus, you can earn extra by refering friends, having the chance to be a lucky subscriber that earns an extra fifty quid for doing so. All in all, Oh My Dosh is perhaps my joint first favioute cashback website along side TopCashback.

Have you tried Oh Mu Dosh!? What was your experience and what are your favioute cashback websites? Untill next time, take care.

Ben xxx



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