Earn with Bing!

#thriftyP Ah, the Bing brand. A brand that naturally plays second fiddle to Google’s flagship search engine-the search engine that kick-started its own massive brand and catapulted it to mammoth status! Oh, Google changed the way we used search engines forever, it is fair to say. You know its big when we tend to say… Continue reading Earn with Bing!

New Blog Update

#Stuffheredaily Do you keep a diary or journal as they are known in some parts of the country? I must admit I don’t…well not exactly. I keep wishing that I had kept an entry in a diary of some as it would make for very interesting reading as indeed everyone’s diary would. I have kept… Continue reading New Blog Update

Trying a KFC Vegan Burger

KFC vegan is now a viable option. The fast-food chain is the latest to provide a vegan alternative -and rightly so. I love meat and I definitely love my chicken including examples served up by the holy colonel. But I believe that of course a vegan alternative should be served up for those who have… Continue reading Trying a KFC Vegan Burger

Why Invest in Wine in 2020?

There are many different investment opportunities in life, however, some offer a much more stable chance of return than others. Wine investment is a practice that finds itself on the more stable side of things thanks to the continued, and not likely to diminish, strong wine market. Purchasing investment wines is something that has gone… Continue reading Why Invest in Wine in 2020?

Happy National Fish and Chips Day!

If you are in the UK it just so happens to be the official Fish and Chips Day. It falls on a Friday, which may well not be a coincidence, as traditionally in the UK, Friday is often a day when families have a Fish and Chips takeaway. You’ll notice that the chippies are a… Continue reading Happy National Fish and Chips Day!