Playdate With The Simpsons

Ahhh, who else loved the newest short from The Simpsons, currently streamable on Disney+. I had not seen it previously, just took the plunge the other day and signed up to the latest big-name streaming service. Partly I signed up when I realised they had The Simpsons. I have not watched the show in a little while and have been missing it, can’t wait to hook up with some classic episodes…and could this new, Disney infused era spell exciting times for the show?

One thing about Playdate with Destiny, other people have said this and I know what they mean, the short is exactly how you would expect it to go if Disney was to do The Simpsons. For me, that is not meant in a bad way, just it rings true. Anyway, I am off to watch a classic episode if you want to sign up to Disney+ you can get the first week free:


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