I had been thinking for a while now about doing some Podcasts. I had a number of subjects I had been wanting to get down, and I think some of them would suit the format of a podcast. For now I’ll upload them to YouTube and in time I might look for pure podcast websites and upload them their too.

So the subjects for the podcasts? Well, I have quite a few! Some might just be random-ish ‘whatever-is-on-my-mind-at-the-time’ (that’s a scary prospect) type of thing. But some will be on going series’-most of which will tie in with my Ongoing Projects.

I’m not sure which series will be uploaded first, but it will likely be one related to #gainingXP, like my #vocalChance series.

Updates will be added here as and when new editions are uploaded. Love to have you on board, and love  to have your feedback.

Until next time,



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