Pokémon: Gotta Repack ’em all!!!!

Pokémon Repacks are back in stock! If you head to our shop page, you’ll see we have Pokémon Repacks on sale once again. These ones are a little different to the last, and I’ll go into the details shortly.

But first, for anyone who doesn’t know what a Repack is, in this context it is literally a selection of Pokémon cards taken from various booster packs and put together to form our own booster pack! These cards are all in mint condition, having been carefully sleeved after removal from their original packs. They are a fun way to get a random selection of cards! Often when these are sold online they are called “custom boosters” but I like the name “Repacks” 🙂

I have sold Repacks on various platforms over the years and they have been my most popular item. I have always tried to give as much value to them as I can, in terms of the number of cards and low cost that comes with each pack.

I remember first coming across Repacks as a kid when I started Pokemon card collecting-a collectable stall in Romford indoor market used to sell them. I can’t remember exactly how much they charged or how many cards were in the Repack, but I think it was about 10 NM cards for £2.50. I, one of my brothers and sister had a lot of fun buying these.

And now we have these Repacks for sale in our shop, still only £2.50 (like 20 years after the shop I purchased them from all those years ago for the same price!) All Mint cards and x15 per pack! And that includes free P&P! Here is exactly what you’ll get in our current Common/Uncommon Repacks:

x7 Common Pokémon Cards

x7 Uncommon Pokémon Cards

x1 Mystery Card which could be a common, an uncommon, or in select packs, a rare!

No packs contain duplicates and are only made up of Pokémon, no trainers or energies (we will often have these sold separately if you need any). Every card is in mint condition and can contain cards from any Pokémon set ever released! You may have a mix of sets or one set per pack. To buy head over to www.theshp.net/shop

Any questions, comment below or email contact@theshp.net

Take care of yourself and each other xxx Ben.

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