Productivity: Merging Email Accounts

A good idea but it can go wrong.

Many of you may have decided to merge multiple email accounts together. It makes sense, one log-in and one handy place to retrieve everything.

i merged my Zoho account with my Gmail some time ago (by redirecting the Zoho to Gmail). For a long time, it was fine. Recently I have not been receiving some emails that I had been expecting from my Zoho to my Gmail interface. I investigated by using the Zoho app to find they had gone to my address absolutely fine, they just hadn’t come through Gmail.

Something to watch out for as this can happen from time to time.

A very common way to set things up so all of your emails arrive at the one inbox is using POP. Another popular choice is via IMAP. However, you can also achieve this by forwarding your emails to your primary inbox, this can be set up with most providers and the options will be found somewhere within the settings.

POP Pros

Generally simple to configure

Mail is available on each device for offline usage

Almost all devices support this

POP Cons

You can have my above situation, where you may see emails appearing in one place but not another, for example depending on what device you are using and what has been downloaded to each device.

Messages are taken off the sever once they have been downloaded.

Larger attachments may take longer to download as the speed depends on the bandwidth.


IMAP is also supported by basically all devices

Rather then downloading directly to your device, emails are synched.

You can organise your inbox and create any different folders you wish to


Easy to acidently have folders duplicated if not set up correctly

A more powerful server is needed

Easy to run out of storage space if you don’t keep up the deleting of emails





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