The Projects

These are my ongoing projects, of which I will regulary be adding content around. Essentially, these are the projects that have in part become part of my daily routine!


This project is all about me trying something new! It could be learning a new skill, or attending an event I have not before. I believe that trying new experiences and learning as much as we can really adds good into life, and potentially our character.

Here are all my current projects as part of #gainingXP:


Throughout my life, singing has never been something I had been involved in. In fact I actively exercised ways to avoid it! As a kid, and in to adulthood, I always hated the notion of singing out loud. I knew I could not do it, and was far to embarrassed to give it a go. I had certainty never done Karaoke, and any times I was supposed to sing such as at school and Church, I basically mimed (add own joke about how I may of honed a skill that might make me a great pop singer, etc, etc).

Don’t get me wrong I love music-both the vocal voice and other instruments: it has always been very special to me. But that is the music of others. The music of me, well that is a different story.

But there is one other quite interesting factor to this story. From that mentioned time from childhood to adulthood I spent regular segments of my time day dreaming. And, perhaps rather strangely considering all of the above, the daydreaming was often about singing. Maybe it was just me wishing to have success like the artists I admired and have that adoration that they had. Because as far as I was aware, I was not planning on singing as a career. I even had real dreams quite a few times where I was singing.

And of course in those dreams I could actually sing, unlike in real life. In my head I could actually sing too. I have this voice which is what I imagined would be my voice, should I be an actual singer. Should I actually be performing in front of crowds of people. I often daydreamed that I was performing on a TV show or a duet with one of my favourite artists. But of course all this was literally only in my head.

Maybe it was a form of escapism. I just was not sure to the whole extent what it was.

Anyway one day when I was walking through The Quad Arcade in Romford, UK I passed a shop that I had a few times before. It caught my eye as it was very nicely furnished with some musical themed furniture. I was also looking for a studio to record some videos in and this place called AmisStar seemed to offer that. The gentleman inside invited me in to explain that he did have studio space to offer and that his daughter was in fact a singer and vocal coach and offered her services. You see I think as I was standing by that shop, an idea was forming, mixing the videos that I wanted to create with the idea of singing lessons I had seen advertised. A few minutes later I was able to meet the vocal coach in question (more details on these lovely, and talented people as the series develops) and discuss if she would mind if I recorded singing lessons being taken with her, therefore being able to offer people the chance to follow someones journey from never being able to sing-and seeing what develops. She was happy to allow for that and thus the project began!

So, with all that in mind the #vocalChance series will follow me as I learn to sing. Now singing can provide many benefits (even more if your good at it!) of which I will explore as the series develops. But there are some questions I am also hoping to get an answer for. They are questions that are often debated and of course opinions vary.

Can anyone learn a skill or are some of us just born with them?

Can anyone learn to sing great or is it something that some of us are just born with?

I aim to find out….and enjoy the experience along the way!

If I do learn to sing there are a number of projects that I would use it for. Along with the singing side of things, I am also learning music theory in general, again as a way of learning a new skill but also something that I could lend to some project ideas I have!


Its not just the singing that I had fantasised about. I spent about equal amounts (actually I’d say slightly more) of time imagining I was some great actor, often working alongside my favourite actors and actress’ in my favourite shows. I imagined myself making films and TV shows that were funny, or action packed or ones that moved people. Again, aside from the odd school play (where my performances were definitely not to write home about) I have had no previous experiences of acting. Accept maybe, when lying.

Since childhood and in to early adulthood the only time I did some vague form of acting would be when I made little sketches on my YouTube channels. They were not really me really going for it though, so I have no idea if I can really act or not. But I would really like to give it a go.

So I am going to look into ways to explore acting, and give it a go, maybe taking some lessons, attending some workshops. Should be interesting.

And of course it could lead an answer to the exact same question as posed for #vocalChance:

Can anyone learn to act or is it something some people are just born with?



I live in the UK. So you can expect lots of UK based content. However, I am not just interested in UK based content-far from it. I want to travel more and more and see the world. For #travelMe I’ll be sharing where I go and what I find.