Referral Programme

If anyone would like to earn a little extra money you can by promoting Stuffhere Projects!

This offer is ongoing and uncapped to potential earnings. This is not a main income solution, but a way to potentially earn some extra pocket money!

All you have to do is:

Send an email to with the subject ‘Referral Programme’. In this email let us know you are taking part in this referral scheme.

Share our services page with this link:

and this text either above or below the link:

‘Need an article written or proofread? Click the link for Great Value, Quality Content with a Fast Turnaround. Note the 100% Positive Feedback Score! Or for a quote.’

If a customer purchases any one of our services as a result of your sharing I’ll give you 10% of the total sale.

How will I know the customer has come through from your promotion? Easy, I ask every customer where they found me 😉

The average order size is between £10 and £60 per customer, with an occasional £100+ here and there. So even though the 10% won’t earn you loads initially, it’s uncapped so if you end up sending loads of customers our way your earnings will add up nicely!

A couple of rules:

You can share on your social media pages and any relevant groups or websites (such as your own). 

BUT NO SPAMMING! Anyone spamming will be disqualified from any earnings. As will anyone who shares the link somewhere they are not allowed to. This is my brand that has s strong reputation for service so I take quality control seriously! 

Please make a note of everywhere you share the link (also feel free to mention my service via word of mouth!) so it will be easier for you to keep track.