Return of the Milkman

I love milk. One of the most reasonable, tasty, and as far as I am aware, nutritional drinks. And it is an essential ingredient for many recipes. I know not everyone may enjoy the taste, but lately, I have had a craving for drinking a glass of milk, something I haven’t done in a while. I made some rich dark choc and peanut butter cookies for that very reason to pair with milk (I discovered paired with coffee to be a winner too).

For me, milk goes with anything!

Now the majority of people in the UK purchase their milk from a large supermarket or indeed their local minimart. I was thinking a few months ago how you don’t really see milkman around so much, but I expected there were some that still use their service. The same as not so many have papers delivered to their door anymore, but I know there are some that do. I am not sure that I am always a traditionalist, but I think there is something nice about having the glass bottles delivered to your door. Myself, I was trying to remember if my parents ever ordered milk when I was a kid, but I do have a vague memory that we did use a milkman service, but it could be a false memory-I have discovered recently I have had quite a lot of those!

I will say that I am one of those, ‘glass is better when it comes to drinking’ people. Yes, from the environmental perspective, but also I swear things taste better in a glass than plastic, because you know they often take on the taste of the plastic. Think water bottles or coke: who doesn’t like a coke from a glass bottle? Always feels special if I get one at a pub!

The best way to drink coke, right?

It has been on the news that the milkman is making a comeback, and not in a small way. So they never really went, true. But they have been reporting a significant increase in orders here in the UK. As you can guess, this is due to the truly awful pandemic, with people unable to get out to purchase their milk as normal. But what I did not realise until I saw this news piece was that these milkmen offer a good range of other food essentials too, such as bread and eggs, which could be a great lifeline for any unable to get to the shops or secure a food order with one of the online shops. Or those that can get to the shops, but find they have run out of what they needed, because of the sad ‘everyone for themselves’ mentality that some Brits have showcased during this difficult times.

Plastic V Glass Round 9,000

Of course, the milkman does not have the buying power of the big supermarkets and therefore the prices that they sell their products for will be a bit steeper, and some may not be able to afford the extra cost (I have to confess I don’t know the exact prices that my local milkman charge, I am going to try and find out as I would love to support them) but for those that can afford the service, I think we can agree, it’s a great one

My main point is, when we are remembering the key workers of retail, I think we need to add milkman to the list if we haven’t already, and I’d like to see the trend of their uprising continue long past this pandemic-along with the continued rise in local shop usage.

Are you a Milkman User? Or maybe you are a Milkman? I’d love to hear from you below!


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