Game on 9!

Today kicked off with a small bit of work which needed to be completed by 12 pm. I got an early start on it, so it was easily completed long before the afternoon had begun. If I can, I do love to get an early start on tasks, it can help take the pressure off for the rest of the day. It can not always be done, but when it can, it is good. Beside some scheduled website maintenance that was to be my only slice of work for the day. The majority of today was to be a day off and I had a plan for how I was going to fill it!

With these guys!

Yes, many of you will have watched this series, and lots of you are likely fans. I had only got into it a month or so ago after my Mum recommended it. It was one of those things where I was aware of the show, but only in so much as I knew it existed, and that it had something to do with the two guys behind The League of Gentleman and Pschoville. Both shows I had read a bit about and seen clips but had no great knowledge of.

Back to Inside Number 9 and I didn’t even know its format, the fact that it was an anthology show. If I had, I would have bee all over it sooner, I love an anthology show! I was hooked after the first episode I watched and could tell that the show was for me. Like with any series of stand-alone stories you are likely to enjoy some more than others, as they all offer varied styles when it comes to the execution of the narration, and you might prefer one story over another, but I have to say the quality is very consistent, a lot higher than other anthology shows of the past that were a lot more hit and miss. It is a great series, and if you have not watched it I too recommend it highly, especially if you are fans of dark, twisted stories, with lashings of black humour and endings you might not see coming. So yes, I thought I would watch the remaining couple of episodes that I had left! And enjoy them I did. Can’t wait for the next series (which will be series 6).

I woke up today really wanting to play some video games, as I often do! So in between Number 9, I had a games session. Playing both the original Nintendo DS and the Nintendo 3DS. I have had both consoles for many years now, however, there are still some games that I am on the lookout to add to my collection. It’s funny, I can still remember when the DS was originally announced I was a bit sceptical if it would have the same impact, and last as long as, the Gameboy series of consoles. But over time, as the dual-screen action and great rooster of games began to set in, I could see that Nintendo had struck gold again. Both versions of the DS remain some of my favourite handhelds ever released.

My games of choice for today were Sonic Rush and Mario Kart DS. I find the handheld versions of Sonic are some of the best of the 2D Sonic platformers, they suit the format so well, especially on the DS, like Rush, for example, proves. One of its strengths is that it is one of the games that does make great use of the dual-screen feature, as Sonic zips from top to bottom and back again. There are some great examples of course design in Sonic Rush and it all together feels like classic Sonic action! And Mario Kart DS? Well, as it showed so well on the Game Boy Advance, it is a game that also perfectly adapts to the handheld format!

Who is your go-to character to play as in Mario Kart? I’m currently liking Yoshi a lot (in fairness, how could you not?!)

So a day of games, video and catch up via phone calls. Oh and I travelled back in time by about 18 years, for a few seconds. When talking about facebook messenger I accidentally referred to it as MSN Messenger. So there is a bit of nostalgia, but I had not been thinking about MSN in any way at all at that moment, so its quite interesting how we can have these slips-you likely know someone who still refers to Snickers as a Marathon, for example.

Until next time, stay safe, let’s do our best to help each other. Love Ben xxx


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