Tuesday 31st March 2020

In The Key of Creativity

Here we are at the end of March. This year people may tone down on the old April Fools tricks (for example in the media etc) but we will see tomorrow. But on with today, and I had a fairly productive one. I kicked off with a little bit of work for a client, took up a couple of hours. I do appreciate the fact that my work can be done from home without any special adaptation, so that has helped to keep some work going through our current climate.

I did stock up on a few foody bits, I was impressed with how the security gentleman on the door of our local Sainsbury’s remained polite and courteous as he allowed people in, a few at the time. I was in the early afternoon and had a rough idea of the kind of things I was after but ready to adapt where needed. I planned on making some of those chicken pastry slices using the chicken in white gravy cans they sell, and some filo pastry. Plenty of each in stock. I saw someone had made chicken and steak bakes online so that gave me the idea. There were a fair few people scattered around, remembering Elm Park is such a small area, but all looked like they were carrying out their shopping duties and not hanging around.

Simple combo but DAMN Tasty. By the way, I don’t say DAMN as some kind of misinformed belief that it is what all the kids are currently saying. No, its a Twin Peaks flavored reference. And if you have been picking up on those references, you and me need to talk 😉

After shopping, I was able to have a sit-down and a phone chat with a member of the family. At times like these, I am fully grateful to have a mobile phone and at least have some connection with members of the family who I have that line of contact with. I am more than happy to talk to people through instant messaging or email or even text, but my preferred method is the phone. You hear the voice this way and for me, that helps to bring them into the same room as you that bit more.

Keyboard practice! 

I also spent a bit of time working on one of my #gainingXP projects: Learning To Play The Keyboard! I started some years ago and was making some progress but after a long break without a keyboard, I needed to start again from scratch. When I was last around my parents, my sister helped get me back into the basics, and I aim to practice daily. Starting with Happy Birthday and going from there! I am forming a list of songs I want to be able to play, a sort of goals list, of some of my favourite pieces of music from the world of music, TV, film and games. I also want to be able to put music to some of my lyrics I have been working on! I think I practised for just under 1 hour and was pleased with the results.

Creativity……offers so much.

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