The reason why I have quoted the above is that whilst more people have been staying at home due to the pandemic, there has been a noticeable increase in creativeness. People using their time at home to pursue the various arts, such as writing, singing or painting.

I grew up in a household where creativity was always encouraged but found that was at odds with the message I largely felt at school (more so secondary school) and in other areas of life. At my secondary school, the arts seemed to take a back seat, any chance I had to show creativity I relished it (a rare chance was creative writing in English when we were asked to write a short story)

I grew up as, and still am, more of a creative person rather than an academic one. That is not to say I am great at creative skills, I can not think of a single one I am great at, but just to say I feel far more in tune with the creative process’ than academic ones. I am glad for that creative side, I have generally found it helpful during some tricky times, as it allows for expression and built-up energy to form something more positive, and has even provided a form of release. I know many others feel this way too.

I know that a spot of creativity, whether it be singing, drawing or instrument playing is not a ‘solve-all’ for the current crisis. But it is at these times when some of the ‘little things’ shine through and can provide some helpful comfort to an individual. Although I would regularly be looking into exercising the creativity side of myself often, I have been wanting to do it more, and this may not be under the favoured circumstances, but that creativity streak has helped me to have an outlet to poor energy and thoughts into as well prevent boredom. I understand it can be hard for people to concentrate at the best of times. And if you are yearning to get out, thinking of things to do indoors maybe even harder, let alone actually complete some activities. But if you can unlock your creative side (if you haven’t already) you may find that being in The Key of Creativity can be a little bit of a helpful place, to be in.

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