Say it Right

When this song was released back in 2006 I instantly took a liking to it, and I remember playing it a lot. There is something that captivates the ears, and I always get lost in it, I find it very atmospheric. I did like Nelly’s more mellow and sweet, I’m Like a Bird Days, but I think she reinvented herself with an RnB sound brilliantly, and I like her more urban, edgy sound..

Nelly Furtado has a great voice and she is a very good singer, there was not a single she released that I didn’t like, but Say it Right was my stand-out favorite.

The track was written by Nelly herself, along with Timbaland and Danja. It went onto mainstream success in multiple countries. Interestingly, Nelly states she doesn’t know exactly what the song is about but covers her feelings at the time in some way. Also, she was inspired by Eurythmics, particularly Here Comes the Rain Again, with that mystic vibe, and again not being completely sure what the song is about. But like me, she thinks a lot of the song and is transported to a different place when she hears it.

This live version really packs a punch, too.

Ah, and here is a very nice cover, that carries the vibe of the original but also brings in a new vibe.

So yeah, that is Say it Right a pop classic in my books. What do you think of the song?


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