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  • Lidl Plus

    Is Lidl Plus Worth it? I have been using the app for around 2 months now, and I wanted to share my thoughts. Lidl and Aldi: Who Has the Edge?! Lidl and Aldi are consistently the two cheapest supermarkets overall in the UK. Hence why we have the other big names falling over themselves to […]

  • Aldi Round-Up Time!

    Trying a few more Aldi products, can you save money with these thrifty alternatives?

  • Aldi Dried Fruit & Nuts

    Top Offers in Many Stores! Dried fruits and nuts are something I always like to have in stock. My go-to place is Grape Tree for large bulk deals. Then there is Holland and Barret when talking about high street offerings. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good independent whole foods store but where I […]

  • Lidl + Review:

    Does Aldi have Stiff Competition? #thriftyp ThriftyP | Facebook In the form of Lidl? Well, it has competition in the form of all the other supermarkets, but in terms of my personal “No.1 Supermarket” spot! Yes, I am a convert to Aldi regarding the big supermarkets in the UK. Of course, it’s not perfect; its […]