The Power of Oates? Eastenders Next Producer


Yesterday news was confirmed that many EastEnders fans have been hoping for-Kate Oates is to join as the new producer! This is exciting news for fans of the soap who may feel that the BBC’s flagship soap has been lacking these last couple of years in some department or another.

Oates has a big soap reputation behind her, having changed up both Corrie and Emmerdale, making some strong changes, that while not all soap fans may have enjoyed, a lot of her work was met with much acclaim. She was certainly able to create a strong vision for the soaps and stuck to her direction throughout her runs. Kate is known for bringing a bit more of a ‘twist and turns’ feel to Corrie, and far more gritter storylines then the soap is used too. Which was always the style of EastEnders more, but aside from the odd moments here and there, such as the recent stabbing storyline and the excellent funeral of Shaki, the show has departed from and seemed like it was afraid to take as many risks and wanted an overall lighter tone. Could Kate reinstate the show back to its former self?

When a new producer is announced for a soap, a few areas of media usually like to do ’10 things we’d like to see’ type thing’ and as a fan of the show, I thought I’d do one myself, in a YouTube video which I’ll upload shortly. I’ll give a little on my current thoughts on EastEnders too if you are interested!

Kate Oates joins in October, and her storylines will likely largely begin in the new year. So the question many are asking- Is 2019 going to be the year EastEnders gets back on top?

Most importantly is it a year for the show to offer quality, gripping drama acted and told well, with the edge the show was always known for? Can it do this in a way we know the soap is capable of but does not always show it!

More on this soon, for now, take care!

At Last a Saturday Night TV Winner!

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Time to give credit in TV land, where credit in TV land is due!

That credit is for Michael McIntyre’s Big Show.

Well I mean I have been thinking for a while that this show has been a big improvement to the usual prime time Saturday UK schedule ,but now its reached its third series, the format and presenter have settled even more in a Saturday Night Winner!

Since the nineties, Saturday night schedules here in the UK have really lacked a great prime time show with universal appeal. The kind that offers some comedy, maybe a variety act, audience participation and some music.

The only one that has been a major player in recent years would be Ant & Decs Saturday Night Takeaway. They hit the nail on the head with that one, and there is a reason why it has been going as long as it has. But that show can not be on every Saturday and its an ITV show. What about the BBC’s offering?

Which brings us back to Michael McIntyre’s Big Show, where the man of the title and the whole team really deserve a big thumbs up. The show has a presenter who is funny, good with people, plenty of personality and energy. Which is what is needed to carry a good format, something this show delivers on with that its fun audience interactions, music, games and stand up. Particular highlights include the Unexpected Star and Send To All segments. Some shows receive other amusing audience’s (unknowingly) participation with for example last weeks inspired Karaoke bit.

The show has also helped cement M.r McIntyre’s road to being a solid all-rounder presenter for light entertainment.

Photo of Michael McIntyre
By Damien Everett from Southampton, UK (Cropped from Michael MacIntyre at the BAFTA’s) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
You could see that the powers that be saw his potential as more then just a stand up with how they tried him out in different formats such as his own chat show. But you can tell ‘The Big Show is his winning fit.

I look forward to the rest of this all too short series, which will include a Christmas special.

What are your thoughts on the show?