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  • How about…a Fivesquid app?

    How about…a Fivesquid app?

    As you may know, I offer my writing and proofreading services on Fivesquid. It is a fast and effective way to serve customers, and I also buy the services from other freelancers on this format from time to time. I have added a shortcut to my Fivesquid page in the top menu as I spotted […]

  • Earn with Bing!

    #thriftyP Ah, the Bing brand. A brand that naturally plays second fiddle to Google’s flagship search engine-the search engine that kick-started its own massive brand and catapulted it to mammoth status! Oh, Google changed the way we used search engines forever, it is fair to say. You know its big when we tend to say […]