The Power of Oates? Eastenders Next Producer


Yesterday news was confirmed that many EastEnders fans have been hoping for-Kate Oates is to join as the new producer! This is exciting news for fans of the soap who may feel that the BBC’s flagship soap has been lacking these last couple of years in some department or another.

Oates has a big soap reputation behind her, having changed up both Corrie and Emmerdale, making some strong changes, that while not all soap fans may have enjoyed, a lot of her work was met with much acclaim. She was certainly able to create a strong vision for the soaps and stuck to her direction throughout her runs. Kate is known for bringing a bit more of a ‘twist and turns’ feel to Corrie, and far more gritter storylines then the soap is used too. Which was always the style of EastEnders more, but aside from the odd moments here and there, such as the recent stabbing storyline and the excellent funeral of Shaki, the show has departed from and seemed like it was afraid to take as many risks and wanted an overall lighter tone. Could Kate reinstate the show back to its former self?

When a new producer is announced for a soap, a few areas of media usually like to do ’10 things we’d like to see’ type thing’ and as a fan of the show, I thought I’d do one myself, in a YouTube video which I’ll upload shortly. I’ll give a little on my current thoughts on EastEnders too if you are interested!

Kate Oates joins in October, and her storylines will likely largely begin in the new year. So the question many are asking- Is 2019 going to be the year EastEnders gets back on top?

Most importantly is it a year for the show to offer quality, gripping drama acted and told well, with the edge the show was always known for? Can it do this in a way we know the soap is capable of but does not always show it!

More on this soon, for now, take care!

Holby City Epic 2 Parter with Paul McGann

Holby City Title Credits

I love a bit of Holby City me. If you are not aware of Holby City, it is a medical drama that, here in the UK airs every Tuesday night at 8pm. It is a spin off from another long running and very popular medical drama on BBC1: Casualty.

Holby City Title Credits

In the UK, a large amount of the continuing drama focus is on EastEnders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks. Now those soaps are on up to 6 days a week unlike Holby and they explore a broader range of subjects whereas of course Holby is medical based (although the love lives of the staff certainty take centre stage). So perhaps it is best not to count Holby City in exactly the same camp. But it should not be ignored either and often deserves as much, maybe at times more recognition then the previously mentioned other shows.

And we have two special episodes to look forward to on December 5th and December 7th. Here’s an interesting promo shot:

Holby CIty Promo Photo

Not much detail is revealed about what big event goes down (which is how I like it) but it is said to be Holby City’s darkest hour, and whatever does go down will be huge.

Maybe the dark aspect is to be quite literal and they loose power and have to operate in the darkness. But I expect there will be darkness of another kind, as by the way the above characters are shown, it looks like they facing some kind of physical threat-maybe an intruder causing trouble?

Who is that holding open the door, offering a form of light? Well it is none other then John Gaskell played by Paul McGann. Paul McGann could well be a a very good asset to the show, having proved himself in many roles including of course a certain other kind of Doctor. Also interestingly, his real life brother plays a doctor in another show, in another time zone, in Call The Midwive.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing the drama unfold and here’s a trailer released by the BBC earlier to help wet your appetite.