The 12 Recipes of 2021

I like to set myself projects from time to time (it is Stuffhere Projects after all). I also like to cook from time to time. So I thought I’d combine the two! Which works as I wanted to get in some practice cooking, having taken a bit of a break from it.

I have this food calander for 2021, which has a different recipe each month. The calander was free with the, very nice, Waitrose magazine.

What I thought I’d do is cook the featured recipe from each respective month. I don’t want this to be the only cooking I do each month, but for someone who hasn’t cooked for a while it’ll be a bigger deal, if you like, and will guarantee at least one home cooked creation by me a month. What it won’t gurantee is good results……but hopefully it’ll be fun, definitely interesting, and I hope, really hope, tasty!

So at some point in January I’ll be attempting the above: Thai-Style Omelette with Prawns! Sounds yummy-don’t know yet if it’ll be lunch, dinner, supper or even breakfast but It’ll be one of them! Find out how I get on soon.

Ben xxx Happy New Year!






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