The Benefits of Zflora

I am later to the party than many, but I have definitely got into using Zflora around the home. Oh yes, at 33, this is the kind of post that makes me think, yep, you are in fact doing adulting!

Anyway, it started in November after a free bottle of Zflora was gifted by an estate agency via a welcome package. Not only did the package welcome us into our new home, but also into the wonderful world of Zflora.

Before this important event, I had heard of Zflora but not really paid much attention. There are other similar products on the market, loads in fact, and I tended to use the also-greatly-hailed The Pink Stuff for most of my cleaning needs. What both products have in common, and why I am a keen user of them, is that they are made with natural products. I find that artificially created products never seem to have a good effect on my insides, and we know they don’t on the environment either. This includes where cleaning products are concerned.

So yes, Zflora has been around for a long time, but unless it’s just me, it’s really exploded in popularity in more recent times. I have a feeling a certain ‘Mrs Hinch’ has something to do with it. Anyway, Zflora has many benefits and I’ll list the ones that especially stand out for me.

  1. It cleans well. Yes, I mean as a cleaner this really is important, and it does the job well in all my tests, without excessive amounts of elbow grease required. You can use it to clean on a large range of surfaces, making it a very versatile option. Basically, It is a great all-purpose cleaner that should clean up most stains well.
  2. It smells great. Yes, Zflora is available in many different scents, you’ll likely soon find a favorite. Some of them are limited editions, so stock up if you particularly like one of these (limited editions are usually clearly labeled and are seasonal, for example, Christmassy scents at, yep, Christmas). This is a cleaner that can help keep your room smelling nice and cut through any pleasant odours (it cuts through rather then just mask them like an air freshener does).
  3. It’s reasonable and great value. The cost of this product seems to have gone down over the years (probably because of its popularity) and represents great value for a quality cleaner. Because you purchase it concentrated, once you have diluted the right amount in your spray bottle you’ll find even a small bottle goes a long way.
  4. It can be used neat in certain situations for more powerful cleaning. For example, if you have a pesky blocked drain due to the hairs that fall off us, a capful of this neat usually sorts out the problem. Ditto to a kitchen sink blocked up thanks to the remains of a dinner or two that found its way too close to the plug area.
  5. It doesn’t make me feel funny. I realise this one is very personal to me, I understand if you don’t really care what effect it has on me, but it might be a benefit if you also find that using the cleaner has no adverse effects on your health. I’d still recommend opening the window whilst using the product like I personally think with any cleaning product, so it doesn’t get down your throat. But yes, some cleaners in the past have not had the best effect on my insides, Zflora has made no trouble for me.
  6. It’s widely available. Yeah, its in most shops that sell cleaning products so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding it at all. Generally prices are similar but shop around and you can find some slightly better deals.
  7. Disinfects and helps kill coronaviruses including COVID-19. It is a very good disinfectant to help keep your home safe.
  8. There are absolutely loads of uses for it! People regurley share ways that they have found Zflora to be useful, and many are great tips you might not have thought of, but always be careful and use common sense, only trying ideas that have been proven safe to exercise!

Are you a fan of Zflora? What is your favourite use for it?






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