The Images of Ghosts

Whilst I have been reading my latest ghost book (I love stories about ghosts, especially in the haunted house genre) I was thinking about ghosts in general. As I quite often do, and I know many people do from time to time.

Some have belief in ghosts, some don’t and others are unsure. In this post I don’t want to take anything away from anyone’s beliefs or experiences, I just wanted to share some thoughts that I was having and that I found interesting.

Personally, I believe quite strongly that when a person dies, that is not the end of it. I’m not focusing on the afterlife idea as much here, but more about what stays on this planet after a person has died, and more specifically the areas where this person once was.

I think that everyone has, what you could call energy, or you could say a spirit or soul. Once a person passes, this will still be felt where the person lived their life, it is not just going to disappear from existance. I think in many ways it doesn’t just continue to live on in a spall space in one part of the Earth but possibly not just all over the planet but I wonder if it is added to the universe as a whole.

From time to time this ‘presence’ might become stronger, whether that is because a living person is more in tune with it at these points, or the person ‘on the other side’ is reaching out more or making themselves ‘more known’ I don’t know.

Now, usually, those who see a ghost will report them to appear somewhere along the lines of how the person looked in life, perhaps with that classic ‘faded’ slightly see-through look mainstream media generally associate with ghosts.

My theory I am wondering is, that when people see a ghostly figure they are not actually seeing a physical figure at all with their eyes. Yes, they have felt the energy/spirit/soul of this person, but the brain has just offered an image for the viewer to relate to, that seems like something it would do. Kind of along the lines of people who have near-death experiences and often recall similar sorts of imagery, this could be the brain choosing what it knows from the classic stories that have been recounted so many times, however, the experience, the energy, and the emotions are all real.

Of course, this theory would not work when we think about photos or videos that show a ghostly figure if these were all to be real. We of course know there have been so many over the years doing so. Some have easily been debunked others not quite so easily, and some not at all.

I am interested to know your thoughts. It is not about who has the right or wrong view because ultimately none of us know for sure, but I am just interested to read from other perspectives, so please use the comments section below.

Until next time,

Ben x





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