The Latest Aldi Review

Another round up of my latest Aldi purchases. If you are interested in that other massive discount supermarket Lidi, I’ll be shifting my focus to them soon!

Right, let’s start off with their version of a certain product that you either love or hate.

Is it as good (or bad depending on your viewpoint!?!) I would say a big ‘yes’. In fact, I personally would be hard-pressed to tell the difference in a blind test, and it definitely works out cheaper then actual Marmite. The price at time of writing was £2.69 for 240g.

Next we have these festive crisps:

Now I know we are a little off Christmas time, but if they are selling them, I am eating them! The thing is they tastes fine, nice even, but I didn’t think they were very much a pigs in blankets flavour, have had better attempts at this I can tell you. Well, there is time to improve them before Christmas. They cost 99p for 150g

So what about Aldi’s answer to the iconic Mars bar? I’m a big fan. I have always found that I like the cheaper version of the Mars bars, partly because they tend to taste how Mars used to taste many years ago before the recipe was changed, and I actually preferred that taste. Anyway, I think I may have had Titan before years back, but I definitely like the taste, really nice with a cup of tea and also a good on-the-go treat. They are only small bars but a fair size I think. The price is 62p for 6 bars, working out as 27p per 100g. So a very good value chocolate bar treat!

That’s all for now, what Aldi bargains have you been enjoying? Spread the word below as you may help others to save money on their grocery shop.

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