The New Dreaming

Over the last few weeks, I have seen an increasing amount of people online mention how their dreams have become different from what they have been used to. I can concur the same thing has happened to me. The dreams have had a different feel, and although this has calmed down a bit more lately, I was having quite a few nightmares, something that I had not had for quite a long while prior to that time. But my dreams have still been a little stranger than normal, or I’ll say stranger in a different way, as I usually find my dreams to be quite strange!

But I found it interesting that many others have been commenting about their dream change. I thought it’s an intriguing reaction our brain is going through due to the current pandemic. It is not surprising really that it would reach into our sleep time to some extent. I do hope everyone is managing to get the best sleep they can still, and the dreams are not too bad. Hopefully they might be a little surreal at the most, but less of a nightmare.

Remember this post? Yes, where I struggled to describe an amazing feeling the dream gave me whilst I was dreaming it (enlightenment is a word that springs to mind today)? Maybe that was why I was given such a nice dream to make up for the ones that were to come after! But then again, the bad dreams don’t take away the good ones, right?

Take care,

Ben xxx


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