The Stuffotium Recommends: Warhammer Champions TCG

With a Warhammer film on its way, starting Warhammer enthusiast Henry Cavill, I thought I’d drop a recommendation for any Warhammer fans who haven’t played Warhammer Champions before. Because it’s a really solid game and fun to collect too.

Over the years there have been various Warhammer trading card game sets released-the concept of Warhammer naturally fits a TCG very well. Warhammer Champions is set during Age of Sigmar and was released in 2018. Since then it has had a successful run with reprints and new products hopefully more on there way.

if you prefer to play the digital version of a TCG this game has one available -I haven’t yet played it myself but I hear it’s good. I can speak for the physical trading card merchandise though and it’s very nice. One excellent ideaa is that every physical card that you own can be scanned into the app to play within the digital version. (Update: apparently the game servers were closed January of this year-it seems like you can still access the game but not purchase any add-ons etc)

Artwork is strong, detailed and imaginative just what you want from a rich world like the Warhammer Age of Sigmar universerse. The cards are good quality and the foil editions look the part.

Building a deck is fun. And there are a range of pre-built decks including 2-player starter sets available so you can pick up and play straight away.

Badically, I think that the game mechanics of Warhammer Champions are as solid as the most premier trading card games on the market. There is a lot of room for strategic thinking here. You must start by selecting champion cards along with special units to go out on the field, filling up 4 spots per player. You can then place units and spells above them so that the chosen champions can go on quests which will result in attacks to your opponents team. Once a normal card has been flipped around on all 4 sides they are discarded, and their powers used up. You will have other cards to help aid you as the game progresses and you make your way through the deck.

Warhammer Champions: Age of Sigmar is actually one of my favourite trading card games. Its a lot of fun to collect and play and I must give the app a go at some point (it’s available on console too). Highly recommended overall.






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