Top 5 Underated ‘Sweet Things’ People Do in the UK

1. Bus Drivers Flashing At Each Other (there bus lights-any other sense is acceptable in highly controlled circumstances only).

2. Someone putting the ‘shopping seperator’ down ready for your shopping to go on (and isn’t it hard not to make harsh judgements in your head if they don’t do this!)

3. Someone letting you go in front in a shopping que if you have less items then them (where you usually have to politely decline at least two times, even though you really want to go in front, before finally allowing yourself to accept the offer).

4. Anyone, in any circumstance, making you a hot drink (it can even be unannounced for me, because I’ll always take a coffee or tea, thank you).

5. Someone asking if you are hungry and want them to fix you some food ( Even if you are not it’s nice for someone to be checking up on you and to care that your belly is satisfied).


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