This page lists services rated Gold by Stuffhere Projects! It is a growing space of recommendations made up of companies offering a very consistent level of excellent service.

Please note that clicking through a recommended company link and purchasing a service may result in a commission of some sort for Stuffhere Projects but please be assured regardless of this, a brand is only recommended on this page if it has offered genuinely excellent experiences time after time!


Absolute Top-Tier!

Domain Hosting


Dreamhost offers fair prices on all of their web hosting deals, plenty of helpful features and services to help get your site out there in the best possible way, complete with some top-notch customer service. The communication from this company is excellent; you never have to wait long for a reply, despite how busy they are, and the answers are always as helpful as you would hope. I have always had solid service from this company and that is why I have stuck with them since I first used them in 2013! Something I like about them is how they tailor their answers to your current level of technical understanding.


I have tried many networks, each with pros and cons but I always keep coming back to GiffGaff. Not only are they very reasonable with their bundles, there is a great community behind them, as well as top-notch staff on hand when needed.

As far as I know, they are the only network company that gives back to users in the form of payment! Learn more about GiffGaff and see why, in my opinion, they are the No.1 network.

Top Cashback

Overall, the best cashback site I feel! Tons of cashback opportunities, fair payout times and consistent, high-quality customer service. An easy-to-use site, too

Not-quite Top Tier!

These are very close to Top Tier and might just find their way moving up a level soon!

M&S Energy

As energry companies go, certainly in terms of customer service, this company sit closer to the top! I have had some very helpful conversations with the team, where I feel they genuinely do their best to help customers keep the package that works best for them!

Oh My Dosh

Probably the fastest paying cashback website! Never had an issue with this company, always a fast, pleasant transaction, and there are always plenty of offers available to earn cashback on.


Not in top tier levels, but sites I am currently trialling: