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As mentioned in the previous post looking at cashback website Oh My Dosh! there are many online sites to gain cashback. I was saying to you that along with OMD, Top Cashback is my favourite.

TopCashBack was the second cashback site I joined if my memory serves me correctly (I think Quidco was the first, but I didn’t get on so well with them at the time and no longer use them-besides I think two cashback sites is enough for me!) I have stayed with them for at least 15 years, it might be longer.

TopCashBack is a good choice as they always have loads of merchants to earn cashback from. A lot is recuring offers from big names but there are some occasional ones that will come up from smaller companies, too. If you are wondering if a website you are about to use offers cashback its worth searching in TCB’s easy to use search box. But an even better way to collect cashback with them, I think, is to install their free toolbar. That way you’ll be told if you are on a website that has cashback which can be collected from TCB. This is handy as I am sure I’m not alone in sometimes forgetting to see if I can get cashback with a site! They also offer an app, to if that’s your preference.

Payout threshold can’t really be complained about at all as there isn’t one! You can cashout however much you have in your TopCashBack wallet. And again, more points from me, because they don’t force you to use bloody PayPal for your payouts, instead they are happy for a good old fashioned bank transfer. And you might be waiting a couple of days for that transfer, but usually, it doesn’t take too long and of course, this is down to your bank as well.

I have never had any issues with payments from TopCashBack, it can definitely be confirmed that this is a legitimate cashback website that pays out to its members-just keep in mind there can be delays like any cashback website waiting for the merchant to pay them, so they can, in turn, pay you.

Another thing is you have extra options when it comes to cashing out along with being paid via bank transfer, such as a wallet to be used for online purchases, for example, to go towards a Tesco shop. If you select one of these options your earnings usually go at least a few pence further.

From my point of view, and I think in general, TopCashback comes recommended. They are a solid company that does what it sets out to do with minimum fuss, and there seems to be a good reason for their strong reputation within the cashback world.

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