Trying a KFC Vegan Burger

KFC vegan is now a viable option. The fast-food chain is the latest to provide a vegan alternative -and rightly so. I love meat and I definitely love my chicken including examples served up by the holy colonel. But I believe that of course a vegan alternative should be served up for those who have chosen the vegan lifestyle or even just want to occasionally eat vegan. And as much as I do love my meat, it does not mean every meal I ever have has to have meat in it, there are so many great ingredients to use. And if KFC’s vegan burger annoys Pierce Morgan, in the same way, Gregg’s vegan sausage roll did, I’ll probably have the burger every Tuesday just to help ensure it’s a success.

You can order the burger on it’s own or with a drink, there is not an option to have a side, as part of a meal deal.

So, you can see from the box they have still got the famous 11 herbs and spices into the fillet. A fillet which I wasn’t sure exactly what it was made of whilst eating it, but found out after it was a fillet of Quorn. Sitting underneath the Quorn was some shredded lettuce and some vegan mayonnaise. I wonder if perhaps it could of also done with something on top of the fillet as I found that side of things a little dry.

But the fillet tasted nice enough to me and you can see how it had a similar texture to the chicken counterpart. There was a flavour there.

I really liked the vegan mayo, it was light, cool and refreshing. As I say though, and you can probably see from the picture, I did find it a little bit dry, and maybe some vegan cheese or another vegan sauce on top could help. But it wasn’t too dry, and I was getting enough taste from the herbs and spices, along with the fried taste, running through that fillet. Like quite a lot of the menu at KFC these days, I’d say the burger is pretty overpriced for what it is. But it’s sure to be a hit with many, and good to see some vegan burgers now added to the menu. Furthermore, I noticed how the ordering screens were now listing what is, and what isn’t vegan.

Shout out to the sides: I do love their creamy mash. I ordered mash and beans just in case the burger on it’s own was not filling enough. It was quite filling, but as I was very hungry I’m glad for these two.


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