Underated Spotlight: Wendy Moten & hit song Come in Out of the Rain

For this post, I want to highlight both the singer and song in equal measures. I know both the singer and song have had very good success, but considering the talent I definitely think that the underated label is a fair on!

The Talent of Wendy Moten

Wendy is an American singer who Wikipedia classifies as a jazz singer, but her vocals and musical stylings also cross into other genres such as soul. To date, she has released 6 albums and over 10 singles. The track Come in Our of the Rain reached No. 8 in the UK in 1994.

Wendy Moten at Ryman Auditorium in 2022

As well as her solo career, Wendy has toured and provided backing Vocals for some big names that include Faith Hill and Bonnie Tyler. Recently, you may have experienced her voice on The Voice, where she was crowned runner-up.

Come In Out of the Rain


This song is a real classic. The lyrics are lovely, as is the melody. And then you have the strength of Wendy’s vocal that sails through the track, soft and belting in all the right places. It’s one of those songs I hear long after I have been listening to it.

This is a really great piece of music sang by a very talented artist. One thing I really like with this track, alongside the soul, you have that jazzy piano tinkering away. And then when the song is ready to fly it really does, with all the big notes and sweeping instruments.

Many people comment about a likeness in vocal to Whitney Houston, and this is completely fair, Wendy easily showcases a matched vocal strength here, but she also has her own unique tone and style to enjoy.

A beautiful slice of soul. If you love a well made ballad that sounds evergreen get stuck into Come In Out of the Rain. And if you are not familiar with Wendy Moten’s material I highly recommend to seek out what you can find.





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