Warhammer Goes Mainstream?

The new movie may launch Warhammer to its biggest audience yet, which of course carries it’s own pros and cons.

Every so often we get those long standing franchises that suddenly get thrust into a much bigger spotlight. This can often happen if a book, movie or game is released based on the property.

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Sometimes it’s franchises that are already huge. For example before Pokémon Go, Pokémon was already a massive thing but Go found an even bigger level to take it too and since then Pokémon has been even bigger then the initial craze stage. And Pokémon Go also pushed the franchise into even more mainstream territory.

I think that’s on its way for Warhammer. I, and many other people, have been invested in Warhammer as a franchise for a long time. It’s a very popular series that has expanded from the tabletop gaming scene to video games, books and trading cards and further besides. And a movie is in the works stating (Warhammer fan) Henry Cavil).

I expect the film may well push Warhammer further into the mainstream. Tabletop gaming saw a.surge in sales during the Pandemic, and I’m guessing a lot of people discovered the Warhammer universe for the first time.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with things being out of the mainstream, sometimes properties can become ruined when mainstream forces get a hold of them (see the Dragon Ball or Naturonlive action movies as an examples). And then you wish that people more closer to the franchise’s created the content. And it can be nice bein hi involved in something that isn’t so well known in some ways.

However, their are bonuses, to say a Hollywood adaptation of a franchise that is likely to catapult the franchise to a much wider audience. And that is more people will discover an Underated franchise, as well as possibly discover tabletop gaming if they haven’t all ready. And an increase of exciting new merchandise and content will likely come. Look at what happened after the Sonic movie came.out, nice to see the increase in Sonic merch, and I have already see a lot more Mario goodies and that film hasn’t even been released yet.

I spotted a new Warhammer collectable trading card series, one of those mainstream sets that appear in the supermarkets so that is already a first step I’ll say. Read on for my favourite spin off media from the original Warhammer tabletop game!

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Further Reading

Warhammer Spin-off Highlights


The Warhammer franchise has become a great sci-fi and fantasy series in its own right. Stories richly told by numerous authors, further fleshing out the characters and the world’s they live in. Over the years I have always enjoyed a good Warhammer book. There are over 300 so if you fancy getting into them you have a huge selection ready to discover!

Video Games

The End Times – Vermintide is, an adventure video game released in n 2016.

Over the years, Warhammer: End Times – Vermintidee has appeared on many consoles. I really enjoy them. You’ll get something extra from them if you are familiar with the Warhammer universe, seeing the world’s and characters come to life in digital form. However, they are always easy to pick up and play and enjoy even if you have no knowledge of Warhammer.

Trading Cards

Tabletop games are a natural to have a trading card series spin off. And I have really enjoyed the various versions that have been released. They work well from a gameplay prospective and are fun to collect. By this point there are a lot of Warhammer cards to track down if you do want to start collecting.

Comic Books

Warhammer definitely suited a comic adaptation and thankfully there have been plenty of these, from publishers such as Marvel and Boom! Studios. Quite a lot have been issued over the years and just like the other spin offs they do a good job of further expanding the fascinating world.of Warhammer.






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