Why I Live the Freelance Life PT 1

With the Freelance movement’s ever-growing popularity, I thought some people might find it interesting to know why I personally live a freelance life!

I’d love to know in the comments if you do and why, but also interested to hear from all set-ups!!

First of all, right from when I started thinking about work, I started off as a self-employed freelancer. I preferred the idea of working for myself as I could just get on with making money from the things that I was passionate about and indeed had the skill set to potentially make money from.

I moved into employment as well as keeping self-employment on the side when I was ready to move into my own place, I wasn’t currently earning enough from freelance work to pay rent so I took on various jobs which were basically just to pay for that living space. I had enough to reinvest into the little business I was slowly growing and for other payment needs. I continued taking on various employed jobs.

As the costs kept rising and when my earnings from self-employment took a hit-especially due to the pandemic, I ended up increasing my employed hours to full time. But as soon as I was ready, my plan was to go back to being fully self-employed. As soon as I had enough to cover bills comfortably from freelance profits after everything else was paid, I wanted to make the jump back into self-employment on a full-time business and expand my business.

But sometimes life has other plans. I wasn’t quite ready to make that switch around a month ago, the costs of everything are so high and I thought I’d bide my time so that bills could still be comfortably paid. However, during employment, I was facing increasing problems. Partly with the companies I was working for-for-the typical big cooperation bull. But also something that forced my decision.

Long story short, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue. Looking back now, knowing what I know I think I have probably had this for many years. But it was getting worse and harder to ignore, with this year reaching its peak. In fact, it was getting dangerous if I kept on going on how I was, as during my employed roles the fatigue was causing me to make mistakes and if I didn’t get it in check, I or someone I was working with or responsible for, could suffer a bad consequence.

I needed to be full-time self-employed and work when I could, and rest when I couldn’t. With chronic fatigue, you have good and bad days. And you need to manage those moments safely -yes I need to make a living but that needs to happen when my health allows. And when it does I can be very productive! Working to my own schedule is now more key than ever, it used to be a strong preference but now it is essential. It used to be something that would fit my personal life and relationships better and it still as, but now it has added value.

And the type of work I choose to do, the tasks I choose to complete are essential too. I can do physical roles in moderation and I can do heavy-thinking tasks in moderation, it’s all about picking the right thing to do at the right time. And living the freelance life gives me the opportunity to have plenty of choices about what I do. Basically, the things I do through Stuffhere Projects and outside of it leave me plenty of choices to choose something that I’m able to do for the current situation I’m in!

You know this song? I get it in my head sometimes with the “Freedom” parts replaced by “Freelance”!

Yes, there are certain elements that make self employment, the Freelance lifestyle, more challenging. You don’t get paid holiday or a benefits package of such for instance. You won’t be paid if you need to take time off sick, either. But through your self-employed journey, you might find that you end up with equivalent or better benefits anyway, or that the cons do not outweigh the pros. It all depends on what suits you. Some follow-up thoughts on their way soon, for now, whatever your lifestyle enjoy and take care!





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